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After four years' work on renovation and new displays, the Castello Sforzesco Pinacoteca, Milan's biggest and most important painting museum (along with the Brera Museum) is reopening to the public.
In the new exhibit layout, visitors can admire 230 works of art which include masterpieces by Mantegna, Antonello da Messina, Foppa, Cesare da Sesto, Procaccini, Cerano, and many others.
The Pinacoteca was created to display Milanese art, and houses several old Milanese collections such as that of the Trivulzio family, acquired in 1935 with funds raised among the city population.
For two centuries, the City Pinacoteca has grown through donations from illustrious citizens, patriots, scholars, collectors, and art lovers. Prestigious regional collections and acquisitions by the city government have increased and enhanced the collection, adding work by Antonello da Messina, Canaletto, and Bellotto. The Pinacoteca now possesses 1508 paintings.
For the new exhibit design, the Central Department of Culture and the Art Collections Department of the City of Milan have consulted Mauro Natale, an internationally famous art historian who teaches at the University of Geneva and is the author of many significant scholarly works and catalogues for important painting museums. For the first time, Mauro Natale has tried his hand at museum exhibition design, and, along with the Director of Art Museums, Ermanno A. Arslan, curator Laura Basso, and museographer Walter Palmieri, has chosen 230 works for display, creating a new exhibition scheme which includes carefully chosen sequences, groupings, and contrasts to shed new light on the masterpieces, schools, artists, and the spirit of the entire collection. One of the most innovative characteristics of this new layout is that it includes works of art from "genres other than painting": medallions, wooden bas-reliefs, and terracotta and marble sculptures which are grouped with the paintings for comparison.

Starting Tuesday, 19 April 2005
1st floor of the Ducal Courtyard
From room XX to room XXVI
Paid admission
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9 AM - 5:30 PM
Ticket office closes an hour earlier

For more information, contact:
+39 02.88463700

Some of the works on display:


Castello Sforzesco - Piazza Castello   20121 MILAN