Tickets and reservations

How can I buy tickets to visit the Museums?
Tickets can be purchased directly at the ticket office (for info tel. 02.88463703) or they can be booked online.

Can I book a guided tour?
Guided tours are bookable from: Ad Artem (tel. 02.6597728), Opera d’Arte (tel 02.45487400), Aster (tel. 02.20404175) for sections of the Archaeological Museum; Voci della città (tel. 02.39663547) for the Museo degli Strumenti Musicali.

How can I visit the Castle battlements and the covered road of Ghirlanda?
The battlements and the covered road of Ghirlanda are only visitable by guided tour, to book please call Ad Artem or Opera d’Arte.

Who is entitled to free entry?

Categories of visitors entitled to free entry
Civil servants working for Monuments and Fine Arts Offices and Municipal Museums; 
Accredited journalists; 
Children under 18; 
Tourist guides and interpreters accompanying groups (with a valid license); 
Teachers accompanying school groups; 
ICOM members; 
Researchers with permission granted by the Museum management; 
Members of local and national accredited associations for the safeguard and conservation of the natural, historical and cultural environment and heritage.

Categories of visitors entitled to discounted tickets
Over 65s; 
Employees of the municipal Administration;
University and Academy of Fine Arts students.


Can I find a bookshop at the Castle?
Yes, a bookshop is located near the ticket office.

Can I find a café?
Yes, a café is in located near to the Ducal Court.

Is there a secure luggage store?
Yes, you have to deposit bags and bulky backpacks in the wardrobe lockers next to the ticket office.

Accessibility to the Sforza Castle Museums

Are the Castle Museums accessible to wheelchair users?
Yes, most of the museum is accessible to wheelchair users. Special wheelchairs are available at the ticket office

Are animals allowed in the Castle Museum?
Pets are only allowed in the outdoor areas of the Castle.

Working at the Castello Sforzesco

How to apply for employment at the Castle Museums?
The Sforza Castle Museums are institutions of the City of Milan. The city administration recruits its employees only through exam-style competitions [‘concorsi’]. For information on currently open concorsi contact the Office of the City of Milan at tel. 02.884.52370 / 52358/52353 or visit the website www.comune.milano.it, page “concorsi attivi”.

How to set up an internship or volunteer?
Internships, in accordance with Art. 18 of Law 196/97 and of the Decree of the Ministry of Labour No. 142/98, are available for individuals who have already completed their compulsory schooling. The internship can be activated only through a formal agreement between the applicant and the employer.
For information on the application procedure, requirements and availability of internships please contact the tel. 02.884.52137 (internship office).
You can be a volunteer at all the Cultural Institutes of the City of Milan. Please contact the Volunteer Office (‘Servizio Volontariato’) for details about requirements and about how to apply:

Servizio Volontariato 
Piazza XXV Aprile n. 8, 4th floor
tel. 02.884.62878, fax 02.884.56658

Information on the works of art and photographic materials

Are the staff of the museums and institutes of the Sforza Castle available to provide attributions or estimates of privately owned works of art?
Sforza Castle staff members (including art historians, numismatists and archaeologists) are not available to respond to queries about works which are privately owned.

How can I find out historical or art-historical informations about the works of art exhibited in the Sforza Castle museums?
For information on individual works included in the Sforza Castle Collections, please contact the relevant conservator after consulting the webpage of the relevant  museum or institution through the portal
Can I take photographs or film in the museums?
According to DECREE-LAW 31 May 2014, n. 83 "Disposizioni urgenti per la tutela del patrimonio culturale, lo sviluppo della cultura e il rilancio del turismo (14G00095) (OJ n. 125 of 05/31/2014)",  valid from 01.06.2014, you can take photographs in the museums free of charge as long as they are for personal use and for non-profit purposes.
Please note that archive holdings and books are excluded; these remain subject to the current rules for consultation and access to documents.
Do I have to request special authorization for using pictures of Castle Museums artifacts?
Yes, you must always ask for authorization. It is possible to apply for permission to use an image for academic or editorial purposes, by contacting the Museum where the relevant object is held.