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Leonardo’s Special

For the celebrations of the five hundredth anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, the Sforza Castle presents several new programs for individuals and groups, designed by Ad Artem, Opera d'Arte and Le Voci della Città.
From  May 17th to September 15th, from Friday to Sunday, an Info Point will be dedicated to educational programs. This will also be the meeting point for these  tours without reservation:

Leonardo at the Sforza Castle

Every Saturday 18 May 2019-14 September 2019 in English
at 15.00

A journey through time to visit the Castle and its collections following the traces of Leonardo da Vinci. We’ll admire the spectacular multimedia installation "Under the shadow of Ludovico il Moro. The Sala delle Asse”, the exhibition of original drawings dedicated to Leonardo between nature and science and finally we will immerse ourselves in the Renaissance thanks to “Leonardo's Virtual Museum of Milan” set up in the “Sala delle Armi”, where visitors will discover how Milan was at the time of Leonardo.
Duration: 90 minutes
Meeting Point: Info Point Castle Guided Tour

Single rate: guided tour € 8 + museum ticket (only for adults)  € 18; guided tour € 8 + 3 days Milan Tourism Museum Card (only for adults) € 20

MORE INFORMATION: the tour is always confirmed

Managed by Ad Artem, tel. 02.6597728,[email protected]
and Opera d’Arte, tel. 02.45487400,[email protected] mob. 39.9480579 (sab - dom, 9.00 -13.00, only for information)

Leonardo's battlements - bilingual tour ita / eng

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 17 May 2019 - 8 September 2019
at 10.00,11.30, 15, 16.30

A tour along the walkways of the Castle - the battlements - to discover the presence of Leonardo in Milan and the importance of his “codes”, specifically  the Codex Atlanticus, and to understand why Leonardo considered “drawings” such an important mean of investigation and communication.
The tour offers a privileged points of view to understand some of his drawings: an angular tower, a ravelin, the Naviglio of San Cristoforo and, finally the famous map of Milan at “bird's eye".
A unique opportunity for discovering the Castle as a defensive bulwark and ducal residence, but also to enjoy a unique view of the city.
Duration: 75 minutes
Meeting Point: Info Point Castle - Guided Tour

Cost: € 15 adult, € 12 over 65 and under 18

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The tour will be performed with any number of participants

Managed by Ad Artem, tel. 02.6597728., - ​​[email protected] and
Opera d’Arte, ​​tel. 02.45487400, - ​​[email protected]  
mob 392 9480579 (Sat - Sun, 9.00 – 13, only for information )

children under 10 cannot participate to the tour
not recommended for those suffering from claustrophobia or with walking disability.


Guided tours of the Secret Routes

The Castle is an interesting example of defensive architecture: with its high walls, towers, ramparts, moats and even the Covered Road of the Ghirlanda, a passage connecting two different rings of defensive walls.
The walkways along the ramparts and the Covered Road of the Ghirlanda are accessible only with a guided tour and accompanied by the Castle staff.
Access restrictions
Entrance is not permitted to children under 10-years old.
Both tours are not accessible to wheelchair users. We apologize for the inconvenience.
The tour of the Covered road of the Ghirlanda is not suitable for people suffering from claustrophobia.
The tour of the battlements is not suitable for people with mobility issues or heart diseases.

Battlements and guards’ chamber at the Sforza Castle

The battlements are ramparts with patrolling function connecting the many towers of the Castle: with our exclusive tour you’ll be able to access these quarters of the Castle, usually closed to the public, to discover their secrets and enjoy a beautiful sight of the city!
The Covered  Road of the Ghirlanda and  The Castle's Battlements tours in english available on demand

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