Guided tours

The guided tours are temporarily put on hold, in accordance with the Government decrees concerning urgent measures to halt the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak until further notice.

Tours for individuals and groups

Leonardo’s Special

For the celebrations of the five hundredth anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, the Sforza Castle presents several new programs for individuals and groups, designed by Ad Artem, Opera d'Arte and Le Voci della Città.
During Leonardo’s celebrations, these guided tours will also be available every weekend:
Leonardo at the Castle (Guided tour to “Leonardo mai visto” and to Castle Museums Highlights)
Every Saturday at 15.00 (Italian and English) Please note: the tour is always guaranteed with any number of members but it’s subject to availability.

Booking is recommended. Meeting point: Info Point of the Castle (Filarete Tower)
Managed by Ad Artem, tel. 02.6597728,[email protected]
and Opera d’Arte, tel. 02.45487400,[email protected] mob. 39.9480579 (sab - dom, 9.00 -13.00, only for information)

Guided tour of the Secret Routes

The Castle is an interesting example of defensive architecture: with its high walls, towers, ramparts, moats and even the Covered Road of the Ghirlanda, a passage connecting two different rings of defensive walls.
The walkways along the ramparts and the Covered Road of the Ghirlanda are accessible only with a guided tour and accompanied by the Castle staff.
Access restrictions
Entrance is not permitted to children under 10-years old.
Both tours are not accessible to wheelchair users. We apologize for the inconvenience.
The tour of the Covered road of the Ghirlanda is not suitable for people suffering from claustrophobia.
The tour of the battlements is not suitable for people with mobility issues or heart diseases.

Battlements and Guards’ Chamber at the Sforza Castle

The battlements are ramparts with patrolling function connecting the many towers of the Castle: with our exclusive tour you’ll be able to access these quarters of the Castle, usually closed to the public, to discover their secrets and enjoy a beautiful sight of the city!
The Covered  Road of the Ghirlanda and  The Castle's Battlements tours in english available on demand

Book your the Secret Routes tour with Ad Artem and Opera d’Arte:
Ad Artem, tel. 02.6597728,[email protected]
and Opera d’Arte, tel. 02.45487400,[email protected]
mob. 39.9480579 (sab - dom, 9.00 -13.00, only for information)

Visiting the Archaeological Museum

The Sforza Castle hosts two sections of the Civic Archaeological Museum.
The Prehistory and Protohistory Section mainly includes materials from Northern Italy, illustrating the history of the region from Neolithic to Iron Age.
The Egyptian Section - currently closed for the renewal of the exhibition itinerary
Info and booking
Aster s.r.l. tel. 02 20404175; fax 02-20421469
E-mail: [email protected]

Ancient sounds, concert lessons at the Museum of Musical Instruments of the Castle

Since ten years, the Association “Le Voci della Città” offers concert lessons where professional musicians play the original instruments and faithfully made copies preserved in the Museum.
Info and boking
Le Voci della Città, tel. 02.39663547
[email protected]