Guided Tours

Guided tours of the exhibition Body and Soul from Donatello to Michelangelo. Italian Renaissance Sculpture will be available also in foreign languages.

Rates for Groups (admission tickets not included):
For groups in Italian:
120 € (per group, including compulsory tour guide microphones)
For groups in a foreign language 135 € (per group, including compulsory tour guide microphones) 
In order to meet social distancing requirements, groups shall be of maximum 19 people. Tour guide microphones are compulsory to ensure that all guided tours comply with applicable distancing
requirements. All devices will be sanitised after each tour.

Contacts for Info and Reservations
Ad Artem |[email protected] | 02 6597728 |
OPERA d’ARTE | [email protected] | 02 45487400 |
Civita Mostre e Musei | [email protected] | 339.5410699